Friday, July 20, 2018

Vol. 1, No. 1 Premier Issue

Well Here We Go - Enjoy

Pleasant View Farm - Altamont, NY - Established in 1799

Our Farm During the Summer of 2015
Web communication via Facebook, Twitter, Websites, eMail, blogs, etc is a new and very important part of farming in the 21st century. To provide our customers visibility into our farm and the food we raise for their families, we're venturing into new uncharted waters by creating this blog space.
I have to admit, it's exciting and at the same time a bit unnerving, considering that we're more proficient at raising wholesome food for families than we are at building websites or blogging.  I must have the same fears and concerns about this as my ancestors did when they started clearing land in 1799 for our farm.  They overcame their fear of that unknown and so will I.

Here's an overview of what we'll be sharing in this blog.
  • Farm News - Summaries of farm activities.  Not everything, just important things we feel our customers would like to know about their food and their farmer.
  • Important Dates - Any day is a good day to visit your food and your farmer.  But there are some important dates and times that you won't want to miss, like;
    • Pork P/U Day
    • Chicken Broiler Pick-Up Day - There will be more than one!
    • Turkey Pick-Up Day
    • Dig-UR-Own Potato Day
    • Pumpkin & Winter Squash Harvest
    • Meet Your Farmer Day - An informal open house so you can meet your farmers and learn about your food and our restorative/preservation efforts.
  • General Information - We share a lot on Facebook, but everyone doesn't use Facebook so this is blog is available to all with internet access or email.  There's a lot of fun stuff going on at the farm - we feel you'd like to know about.  
  • Fun & Interesting Stuff - Some light reading.
  • Recipes - The food we raise for you we also eat.  We'll be putting recipes and other cooking tips out here to help you get the most from your pastured pork, turkey or chicken.
  • Important Notices About Commercially Raised Food - Using ractopamine as an example, we feel it's important to notify you about the risks of commercially raised food.  
  • And More - Yet to be determined topics.
Hope to see you here often.  Ask questions, comments or just stop by to say hi.  You can sign-up below to receive email updates.

All the best - Your Farmer - Ken
God Bless America