Friday, April 5, 2019

2019 CSA Details

Beyond Organic Food, Priced Honestly, Raised in Harmony With Our Planet!

Six, Seven Generations of Our Family Have Been Raising Food For Families Like Yours!

We want to sincerely thank you for supporting your local farmers here at Pleasant View Farm.   

I wanted to write you to let you know of a few updates for this year. We are now accepting pre-orders for pork, chicken, and turkeys. All pre-orders and deposits (50%) are due by May 31, 2019.  

  • This year we excited to offer you a more traditional CSA option. Our CSA will be a monthly pick up.  There is still the option to pick up in bulk if you’d like. Retail stock will be limited as we will be focusing more on shares.  
  • We do currently have some retail stock left for sale if you’d like to purchase small quantities before ordering a share.  
  • There are multiple share options ranging from small to large to accommodate all family sizes.  
  • This summer we will also be offering all natural, heirloom vegetables throughout the summer such as tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, greens, and more.  
  • We will have an open vegetable stand out in front of the barn with vegetables for sale so you may come anytime.  
  • All our animals are raised on pasture, supplemented with an all-natural, non-GMO feed, and have no added hormones, fillers, or antibiotics. We also do not use pesticides or herbicides on our land.

Want to get right to the good stuff?! Click on the links below for full details in your area of interest, or simply keep scrolling and reading. 😊  

Chicken CSA: Click Here  

Pork CSA: Click Here 

Combo CSA: Click Here  

Order Form: Click Here 

 Each year we purchase a certain number of animals based on what we believe the needs of our customers will be. Pre-orders help us decide how many animals to raise. If you do not have an order in and a deposit, there is no guarantee we will have extra meat available for sale.  

  • Turkeys will be processed and picked up the weekend before Thanksgiving, giving you a fresh, never frozen Turkey.  
  • Turkeys range from 12 – 35 pounds.  
  • Last year we sold out of turkeys, so if you do not have a pre-order and deposit down with us, there is no guarantee we will have extra available.  
  • You may let us know what size turkey you’d prefer. We try and accommodate as best we can, but we cannot guarantee a certain size. 

  • This year we will be offering CSA shares for chickens rather than selling them individually.  
  • We are offering a small, medium, and large chicken share, and you may choose to receive chickens monthly for a half year or a whole year.  
  • Whole broiler chickens are an average of 6 pounds, and they will be packaged and frozen.  
  • We raise Freedom Rangers which are known for tender meat and great flavor.  

  • Pork will be offered through CSA shares of different sizes - quarter share, half share, and whole share option.  
  • With a standard share you will receive an allotted amount of pork which will consists of assorted cuts and multiple types of sausage (Breakfast Sausage LinksSmoked Kielbasa LinksSmoked Bratwurst LinksSweet Italian LinksHot Italian LinksSmoked Andouille Links). 
  • Estimates for what cuts you will receive in a share are approximate and may be substituted by Pleasant View Farm to make up the allotted share weight.  
  • You may choose how you want your pork smoked. There is an option for non-smoked, smoked, or nitrate-free smoked.   
  • Pick up monthly or in bulk.  Pleasant View Farm will put together an assorted box each month. Minimum pick up monthly is one full box (which will be approximately 10 pounds). You may pick up more than one box a month if you’d like. 
  • All items will be vacuum sealed and labeled. Most items are in 1-2-pound packages like what you’d see at the grocery store. 
  • If you’d like to choose how your pig is cut and processed, as well as what type of sausage you’d like (choice of two), you may order a custom share. Custom shares are only available with whole pig orders. Custom shares must be picked up in bulk.  
  • We will also have ham hocks, organs, and bones available for an extra cost.  
  • We send our pigs to a USDA certified processor who is also certified in having a cruelty-free facility for the animals. 

While supplies last, we will be offering a Pork Dinner Box and a Pork Breakfast Box. These are small boxes made by Pleasant View Farm with a small amount of pork for one-time/anytime purchase. These will be limited.  
  • Breakfast Box: 8-12 pounds, bacon, ham steaks, and breakfast sausage links. $75 
  • Dinner Box: 11-13 pounds, shoulder roast, pork chops, sausage links. $100 

Combo Chicken & Pork Share: 
  • This share will consist of 15 - 18 pounds per month.  
  • Each box is made by Pleasant View Farm and will vary, always consisting of a mixture of chicken and pork.  
  • You may choose 3 months ($285), 6 months ($570), 9 months ($885), or 12 months ($1,140) 

Half Year Chicken Share 
Small Chicken Share: 
  • 2 whole chickens per month 
  • Total Share Cost: $275 
  • 12 chickens total 

Medium Chicken Share:  
  • 4 whole chickens per month 
  • Total Share Cost: $550 
  • 24 chickens total 
Large Chicken Share:  
  • 6 whole chickens per month 
  • Total Share Cost: $820 
  • 36 chickens total 

Full Year Chicken Share – 10% Discount! 
Small Chicken Share: 
  • 2 whole chickens per month 
  • Total Share Cost: $520 
  • 24 chickens total 

Medium Chicken Share:  
  • 4 whole chickens per month 
  • Total Share Cost: $1,040 
  • 48 chickens total 

Large Chicken Share:  
  • 6 whole chickens per month 
  • Total Share Cost: $1,570 
  • 72 chickens total 

Quarter Pork Share 35 - 40 pounds minimum  
Pork Chops: 7 pounds Bacon: 4 pounds Ground Pork: 3 pounds Should/Butt Roast: 5 pounds Ham Steaks: 4 pounds 12 pounds of assorted sausage 
Full Price: $315 50% Deposit due May 31, 2019: $157.50  Half Pork Share 65 - 70 pounds minimum  Pork Chops: 13 pounds Bacon: 8 pounds Ground Pork: 5 pounds Should/Butt Roast: 8 pounds Bone-In Ham: 10 pounds Ham Steaks: 5 pounds 16 pounds of assorted sausage 
Full Price: $585 50% Deposit due May 31, 2019: $292.50 
Whole Pork Share 135 - 140 pounds minimum Pork Chops: 30 pounds Bacon: 18 pounds Ground Pork: 8 pounds Should/Butt Roast: 16 pounds Bone-In Ham: 21 pounds Ham Steaks: 10 pounds 32 pounds of assorted sausage  Full Price: $1,215 50% Deposit due May 31, 2019: $607.50 

Custom Whole Pork Share:  
  • With a custom pig, you are ordering a whole pig processed to your specifications. Weights can vary anywhere between 120 pounds to 180+ pounds of actual meat.  
  • A charge of $4.50 per pound is charged based on hanging weight (average hanging weight is 240 - 280 pounds).   
  • Have it the way you want it! Choosing your own sausage, ham size, and specialty cuts is a good way to tailor your food to your lifestyle. A processing fee is an additional cost so you can have exactly what you’d like. Processing costs vary ($350 - $550) based on your choices and will be added to your total at time of pick-up.

Chicken Shares will be available for pick up starting in August 2019. Pork and Combo shares will be available for pick up starting in January 2020. These dates are subject to change, but you will be notified ahead of time. Pick up days will be announced in advance so you may plan to come to the farm, and make other arrangements if need be.  

Community Supported Agriculture is beneficial to both you as the customer, as well as us as a small family farm. We wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers like you. Pre-orders this year are due by May 31, 2019 with a 50% deposit due. Remaining 50% is due in August 2019. Due to limited storage space, if your share is not picked up by the designated pick up times, you will be subject to a storage fee. Deposits are non-refundable.   
In OneDrive is an order form if you’d like to fill one out and mail it in to us with a deposit. Email, call, or text Amanda with any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you! We look forward to being able to feed your family healthy, delicious, all-natural food.  

Have a wonderful day!  

Thank you & Best Wishes,   Amanda Rau Your Local Farmer 

All the best - Your Farmers Since 1799
God Bless America