Monday, July 30, 2018

Volume 1, No. 2 - Pork Specials and More

Pleasant View Farm - Altamont, NY - Established in 1799

Six Generations of Our Family Have Been Raising Food For Families Like Yours!

PASTURE-RAISED PORK Available for Immediate Pick-Up - See Below for Details!

We hope you enjoyed the first issue of our blog.  We'd love to hear from you, so send us a note, make a comment, call us or....Your Choice!
Speaking of Choice - Did you hear the News? We're now offering a Farmer's Choice Pork Box. Here's a video that gives you some details. Check This Out
Did You Reserve Your Thanksgiving Turkey Yet?  I know, I know it's so far away for you but for us we're already preparing.  A $35 deposit will ensure you and your family will have the finest tasting, healthiest turkey this Thanksgiving. You gotta try our pasture-raised turkey.  You will never purchase a commercially raised turkey again. Call Amanda Today 518.951.6514

Farm Family News - Sometimes Old News is Great News!

Tim and Amanda October 14, 2018
On October 14,2017, we welcomed a new farmer to the family. Amanda Elledge became Amanda Rau when she married Timothy Rau on October 14, 2017 at the farm.  It was a wonderful day of celebration and love shared by family and friends. This marks the beginning of the sixth generation to occupy our family farm.

She Said - YES!
Last November - Tucker Cox proposed to our daughter Kristin Rau during a vacation in Maui, HI.  She Said Yes! - If you're thinking about getting engaged and want to make it elaborate, memorable and like no other - Talk to Tucker. What an awesome surprise he laid out.  This is all part of getting to "Know Your Food and Your Farmer"!

The Wedding Will be on September 22nd.

  • Did You Know? - We've been Feeding Families in the Capital District since 1799.  Except for the days, months, years, generations and centuries rolling by, we're still raising food the same way.  When we started farming, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics didn't exist and while they exist today - WE DON'T USE THEM on our land or your food.  We're committed to continuing to raise food for you and your family so you can eat like it's 1799!
  • 2018 Chicken Broilers - We do things a little differently around here.  This is especially true with the breed of chickens we won't raise, the "Cornish Cross". They've been breed to grow at 2-3 times faster than heritage breeds, reaching twelve pounds in 6-8 weeks.  This growth rate is required for the large commercial growers that supply your local super markets.  Problem is, they die of heart disease, paralysis, bones breaking because they can't support the large breast - But MOST IMPORTANTLY - They Are POOR Foragers, having been breed to live on concrete with 100,00 other chickens in one massive building.
    Cornish Cross - Cannot Walk
     (BTW, that's considered Free-Range by the USDA).
    • We raise older breeds of chickens that forage well for bugs, worms, clover and other grasses.  It enhances the flavor and texture of the meat.
    • It's humane to let animals grow at a natural pace.
    • It takes us longer to develop our meat birds, it costs more but we know it's better for the animals, our planet and it provides our customers with chicken raised holistically, in harmony with our planet.
  • You Want Pasture-Raised Pork - We've Got Pasture-Raised Pork
    • Farmer's Choice Box - A mix of our finest pasture-raised pork. A great sampler for customers interested in eating healthy alternatives to commercially raised pork.
      • 5-6 pounds - $50
      • 10-12 pounds - $90
    • Everything You Need for a Summer Barbecue
      • Sausage, Bratwurst, Bacon, Pork Chops, Ham, Ham Steaks, etc.
      •  Call Amanda @ 518.951.6514 for Availability

    • Fun & Interesting Stuff - It takes 5-6 months to raise your Thanksgiving Turkey. Full grown turkeys have about 3,500 feathers.  
    • Please Don't Cook Our Pasture-Raised Food - Like you would regular pork.  See our website for some cooking facts. (Link at the top of this page)
    • 160 Nations Ban Ractopamine, but not the USA - To avoid this harmful synthetic growth hormone consider purchasing our hormone free, pasture-raised pork.
    • Pigs Can't Sweat - So This is How We Keep Them Cool - Wet Piggies Are Happy Piggies
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    All the best - Ken and all the Your Farmers

    God Bless America

    Friday, July 20, 2018

    Volume 1, No. 1 - Premier Issue

    Well Here We Go - Enjoy

    Pleasant View Farm - Altamont, NY - Established in 1799

    Our Farm During the Summer of 2015
    Web communication via Facebook, Twitter, Websites, eMail, blogs, etc is a new and very important part of farming in the 21st century. To provide our customers visibility into our farm and the food we raise for their families, we're venturing into new uncharted waters by creating this blog space.
    I have to admit, it's exciting and at the same time a bit unnerving, considering that we're more proficient at raising wholesome food for families than we are at building websites or blogging.  I must have the same fears and concerns about this as my ancestors did when they started clearing land in 1799 for our farm.  They overcame their fear of that unknown and so will I.

    Here's an overview of what we'll be sharing in this blog.
    • Farm News - Summaries of farm activities.  Not everything, just important things we feel our customers would like to know about their food and their farmer.
    • Important Dates - Any day is a good day to visit your food and your farmer.  But there are some important dates and times that you won't want to miss, like;
      • Pork P/U Day
      • Chicken Broiler Pick-Up Day - There will be more than one!
      • Turkey Pick-Up Day
      • Dig-UR-Own Potato Day
      • Pumpkin & Winter Squash Harvest
      • Meet Your Farmer Day - An informal open house so you can meet your farmers and learn about your food and our restorative/preservation efforts.
    • General Information - We share a lot on Facebook, but everyone doesn't use Facebook so this is blog is available to all with internet access or email.  There's a lot of fun stuff going on at the farm - we feel you'd like to know about.  
    • Fun & Interesting Stuff - Some light reading.
    • Recipes - The food we raise for you we also eat.  We'll be putting recipes and other cooking tips out here to help you get the most from your pastured pork, turkey or chicken.
    • Important Notices About Commercially Raised Food - Using ractopamine as an example, we feel it's important to notify you about the risks of commercially raised food.  
    • And More - Yet to be determined topics.
    Hope to see you here often.  Ask questions, comments or just stop by to say hi.  You can sign-up below to receive email updates.

    All the best - Your Farmer - Ken
    God Bless America